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Rock Solid Recreations are specialists in the Repair, Refurbishment, Maintenance and Alterations of Natural Stone, Quartz & Stone like Surfaces. Regardless of where and how these surfaces have been applied, we can help with the following and much more:

  • Granite chip, crack, break Repairs & Resealing
  • Marble Re Honing, mould removal, Repairs & Restorations
  • Quartz or Engineered Stone Repairs (including Caesarstone, Silestone, Prime Stone, UniQuartz, Trendstone and Smartstone among others)
  • Ultracompact Surface Repairs (such as Dekton, Neolith, Laminam and others)
  • Tile Repair
  • Stone Furniture repairs
  • Greenstone cutting, shaping and polishing
  • Shower Glass Cleaning/Refurbishment & Sealing
  • Solid Surface Re Polishing/scratch removal on Corian & Hi-Mac's

    Regardless of whether the damage to your stone surface was caused by accident, everyday wear and tear, vandalism, or even natural disaster, Rock Solid Recreations can save you time and money by repairing, refurbishing and maintaining your Stone investments so that you don’t have to replace them.

    Stone Repair Services


    • Chip
    • Stain Removal
    • Join Filling
    • Removal of Water Marks
    • Scratches
    • Cracks
    • Reattachment of Under Mount Sinks


    • Air Switch/Tap Core drilling on site
    • Evaluating of damage for Insurance claims
    • Thermal Shock Testing
    • Refurbishing/Reviving Glass Shower Doors
    • Greenstone work


    • Deep Cleaning and Resealing
    • Marble Floor re-polishing
    • Silicone Replacement
    • Oil/Mould/Stain removal on tiles and resealing
    • Marble Bench Re Honing


    We work through out New Zealand so please do enquire.


    Hamilton/ Waikato



    Rock Solid Fans

    I have used Rock Solid Recreations a few times now. Brilliant workmanship, communication is on point and all round easy company to work with. Would definitely recommend this company.



    You were terrific, very skilled & knowledgable whom i would personally recommend. Thanks so much once again.


    Please pass on my thanks for a wonderful job 

    You can’t see where he has mended



    Great job done and very accomadating. They were ale to do an extra job for me which I really appreciated. Work was done well and highly recommend this company.




    Very happy with the result. (Just as you said it would be). 

    While we know that the bench has been repaired at the spot I challenge all others to see that a repair has been done. It is that good. 

    Nick was a thorough gentleman throughout  the process. And that is important to us. He tidied up what little mess was made. He arrived exactly on time and checked in with us before he left

    Yes, we would recommend your services to anyone who needs them.

    Dr. Steven Saunders


    I totally recommend Rock Solid Recreations. They came and fixed a few chips on our stone bench top last week, and it now looks fantastic" 

    Awesome service

    Great result, highly recommend them.



    Great job on the benchtop today we are really pleased. 

    Another fantastic job, thanks so much I am delighted.



    Fabulous job done on my Bench Top in Papamoa on Saturday, Thank you Nick.

    Thank you for the repair, the bench looks great! We will certainly recommend you to anyone who requires your services. Thanks again.

    Very happy with service and repairs, would highly recommend.



    When we purchased our house, it came with typical problems of a house that is 10 years old, such as mouldy stained and leaking silicone in the kitchen & bathroom. RSR came to replace the silicone and deep cleaned our Caesarstone bench tops which left them looking fresh and new again! (not to mention that he stoped the water leaking through to our cupboards which  would have led to significant water damage)

    Brilliant job, Thanks!

    Great people to deal with. Great communication and price. Amazing results on both my bench and floor tiles.

    Awesome repair job done on our benchtop.  Very quick to respond to queries and on site work was done very well.  Even fixed a couple of other blemishes as part of the job for free.  Very fair price too! Thanks!

    Why go the Rock Solid way?

    1. Replacement Cost - Replacing, even when claiming through insurance, is more costly when compared to the price of repairing or refurbishing.
    2. Replacement Drama - Often replacing, especially in Kitchen Bench Tops, requires the co-ordination of many tradies from gas companies, electricians, plumbers, tilers and stone masons. This means involving more people, taking more time, causing more disruption and potential for more things to go wrong.
    3. Hygiene - Damaged areas and old silicone can leave Stone Surfaces porous and provide breeding grounds for bacteria and mould. Old silicone which no longer has a good seal can also lead to water damage of cupboards.
    4. Colour Difference - Due to colour differences that occur in these materials, you often find that you can not just replace the damaged portion. Often one will need to replace all the tops/material to keep the colour uniform and matching.
    5. Aesthetics - While scratches, chips and broken joins might not impact on the functionality of your stone surface, one usually invests a fair amount financially into these items and would like them to maintain their look.
    6. Environmentally Friendly - The environmental impact of mining or producing these materials, as well as the fact that it cannot usually be reused, but will end up in a land fill, means that repairing extends its life and is more environmentally friendly. Not to mention we life on an Island...
    7. Investments - Some stone items are once off purchases such as monuments and statues. When these items are damaged or weathered it is possible to repair, clean and seal them to maintain their integrity.
    8. Property Owner - Protect the value of your property by repairing stone surfaces before selling or between tenants.

    Premium Products to Protect your Bench Tops, available from us direct

    Order these great products from us today for delivery with your repair or via courier.

    Unika Granite & Quartz Cleaner

    • Use on – Granite, Quartz, Marble and Natural Stone Surfaces.
    • Ready to use Daily Use specialist spray cleaner, which tackles everyday grease and grime.
    • Cleans worktops to a sparkling shine – no smears!
    • Cleans worktop safely and is biodegradable.

    Bench Top Stainless Protector

    Stainless Steel Style Worktop Rods – 30cm & 45cm

    • Stainless Steel style worktop rods look great in all modern kitchens
    • Enable you to remove a hot pan from the hob without ruining your worktop
    • Each rod is backed with self adhesive heat resistant tape
    • No need to rout your worktop – save on time and mess
    • Easy to apply and look great on matt, gloss, solid wood or granite worktops
    • Tested to withstand very high temperatures, water and food spillages


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