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Rock Solid Recreations NZ (RSR to those in the know) was founded by co-owners Nick and Nicci.  

With well over a decade worth of experience working with Granite, Marble and Quartz Bench Tops, Nick found his perfect business partner in his wife Nicci. Together, they developed a unique style of doing business which challenged the status quo of the industry and set new standards in customer service and quality of workmanship. Their business started from a desire to reduce the amount of waste which the bench top industry sends to land fills and developed from there in interesting ways. 

The focus on the repair of these materials comes from seeing the lack of after sales care in the industry. Many people would be quick to replace these materials or might feel that they are destined to live with damage. However with fault repairs and refurbishment these materials can be revived and look great again. Both Nick and Nicci  feel that it is important in this industry to look at repairing rather than replacing due to often never considered environmental impact of this industry.

They are constantly adding to their services through trainings and adapting their skills to the repair of new surfaces. If you have a specific repair, or refurbishment need, talk to them directly.


Rock Solid Recreations calls on the years of experience which Nick has in the Stone and bench top industry. His involvement in the industry has covered a variety of roles from Wholesaling, Installation & Fabrication, Repair & Remedial, even sourcing directly from quarries and manufacturers all over the world. 

“I enjoy building relationships and the excitement of getting maximum exposure for a product, while also working with my clients to build their businesses through product knowledge and training.  I enjoy using my knowledge in dealing with fabricators, builders, end users and architects.” (Nick’s Linkedin Profile 2017)

Nick is experienced and highly skilled with a fine eye for detail. He constantly challenges himself to deliver better results and outcomes for his clients. He  focuses is on providing quality workmanship, industry leading advice and Rocking service to save our clients time and money while providing the best possible outcome in every job.


As a new mom you might find that Nicci’s meetings are enriched by the attendance of her gorgeous daughter. Her days are full of varied activities as she balances marketing, administration, distribution, logistics and play groups. Her rolls in the business are everything that is back stage and behind the scenes, but she may often pop in on clients just because she is in the area.

Nicci has developed a passion for Granite, Marble, Quartz as well as the newer ultra compact and porcelain materials. She is constantly amused by the creative and innovative new applications of these materials throughout the building industry.

When you use Rock Solid Recreations you are getting access to this passion, knowledge and expertise of a reputable, renowned repair specialist company.

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